Information Privacy Policy

Green Academy – Welcome to the Education Academy from Korea. Green Academy Indonesia operates with GIT Academy Indonesia Co., Ltd.

All executives and employees of Green Academy are always familiar with and strictly enforce the regulations on the protection of students’ personal information. We understand that students always want their personal information to be safe. Therefore, one of Green Academy’s top priorities is to apply special measures in the process of collecting, using, and storing information provided by students to keep it confidential. The Academy agrees not to disclose students’ personal information to other institutions or individuals except in the following cases.

Obtain consent from the student or the student’s guardian (for students under the age of 18). 
The Academy receives requests for student information from state agencies, courts, or jurisdictions.However, the provision of information is within the scope permitted within the rights. Collection of personal information Green Academy collects students’ personal information from the following sources.

Information entered in the consultation application form, learning application form, and other information forms Reporting agencies, consumer research, etc.
Information is provided by visitors to the Academy website, fan page, Google Business page, etc., or individuals participating in contests or promotions.
This information is used by the Academy to send announcements or to recommend courses that suit each individual’s needs. The Academy may also invite individuals visiting these websites to participate in market research, surveys, or other similar activities.

Purpose of collecting and using information

The Green Academy collects, stores, and uses student information to:

  • Support and care for students.

  • Understand students’ needs to advise them on appropriate courses.

  • Support students in the course of study.

  • Contact students by phone, text, or fax message, email, or other means of communication.

  • Complies with the applicable law.

How to store and protect information

Green Academy takes various security measures and always strives to ensure the safety of student personal information in the system. The student’s personal data is stored behind the secure network and can only be accessed by authorized personnel to provide the services requested by the student.

Green Academy Indonesia applies security processes and electronic security equipment in accordance with the regulations of Green Academy Korea and its national authorities to ensure information security. Green Academy also regularly updates the latest technologies in security and encryption to ensure information is safe.

Once the information has been submitted, the Academy will take the necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality of student information. However, the security challenges that arise in transmitting data over the Internet are actually absolutely not safe. Therefore, while the Green Academy always does its best to keep the information confidential, the Academy cannot guarantee or guarantee absolute security, especially when students send it to the Academy.

In addition, the Green Academy thoroughly respects the above privacy principles, even if a student has graduated or booked for study.

A Trademark Right

All designs, icons, images and information on this website are intellectual property of GIT Academy Indonesia Co., Ltd. Copying, modifying, storing, translating, or using this material for any purpose without the prior written consent of the Academy is strictly prohibited.

Agree to Privacy Policy

Students understand and agree that online call registration agrees with Green Academy’s current privacy policy. Green Academy is also available on the Academy website featuring a new information privacy policy: If you have any questions about the Academy’s privacy practices, please contact the Academy for help.